Welcome to the Leela School

About the Leela School of Awakening

We are committed to the whole world waking up from the personal trance of suffering. That is our overview and our purpose. We can make a difference one heart and one mind at a time.

Our training is heart-based, so whether you are interested in certification or not, you may find immense personal value in the insights into your true nature and the nature of suffering that these courses reveal.

Become a Certified Leela Therapist - Being a True Friend

Our model for a therapist is called a True Friend: someone with a quiet mind, an open heart, and the skillful means for therapeutic intervention. Through exercises and practice, you will be able to be a true friend in both your personal and professional life.

Skillful Means for Working as a Coach, Guide, Healer, Therapist, and True Friend

The skills we offer are broad, and cover several different modalities, which together form a coherent, effective and powerful medium for therapeutic intervention.  Based on over thirty years of a life's work, we pass on these skills to spread the possibility for true happiness in this moment.

Skillful means requires insight into your client's presenting conditions.  You will have the means to know which intervention is appropriate, and the flexibility to generate your own unique interventions. Advanced certification is available for those seeking to go deeper.

Preparing You to Work

The skills we offer at The Leela School are for your own awakening and skillful living in the world, while also offering the possibility to be certified as a therapist to work with clients on a range of presenting issues.  You will be prepared for working with clients who want to stop smoking or other addictions, as well as with clients who want to be more conscious in their lives.  You will find your own area of specialization, and a way to creatively serve.  The Leela School of Awakening supports world peace and freedom through universal self-realization.  If your heart calls you, you are welcome here.

self realization and hypnotherapy courses

What do You Want? Cravings vs. Fulfillment

By Joey Bloom | January 25, 2019

This is a transcript of a recent webcast from Jared Franks part of the monthly Leela School webcast series. Enjoy! Something that I discovered from my teacher Eli is that human bodies, are desire bodies. We are continuously wanting, and usually unaware of it. Most people don’t know what it is that they really want, … Read more

self realization and hypnotherapy courses

Interview with Eli Jaxon-Bear about The Leela School

By Jared | April 16, 2018

Recently The Leela School was featured in the Locals Guide in Ashland, Oregon Read the full article here.

self realization and hypnotherapy courses

Hypnosis in Contemporary Medicine

By Jared | February 17, 2018

In 2005, a review was undertaken by James H. Stewart, MD, on behalf of the Mayo Clinic, entitled “Hypnosis in Contemporary Medicine”. Hypnosis became popular as a treatment for medical conditions in the late 1700s when effective pharmaceutical and surgical treatment options were limited. To determine whether hypnosis has a role in contemporary medicine, relevant … Read more

self realization and hypnotherapy courses

Announcing Certification in Clinical Hypnosis

By Jared | July 16, 2016

We are very pleased to announce the first Module 1 course, this is a 10 day in-person retreat with Eli Jaxon-Bear, the founder of the Leela School, alongside Leela Teachers and Mentors, covering the syllabus in an environment of openness and heart-based learning, experiencing, practicing, and deep support. Certification in Clinical Hypnosis, Level 1 – … Read more

self realization and hypnotherapy courses

The Leela School receives A.C.H.E accreditation

By Jared | January 16, 2016

We are excited to let you know we received the A.C.H.E. (American Council of Hypnotist Examiners) accreditation in January 2016. You can read more about the A.C.H.E. and the A.C.H.E. code of ethics here: A.C.H.E. American Council of Hypnotist Examiners ACHE Code of Ethics