Advanced Leela Therapist Certification


After completing two full years of True Friend Immersion, including a minimum of 20 hours of mentoring sessions, and 20 hours of practice sessions with feedback, we will assess your readiness to be certified as a therapist through observed assessment sessions and using our performance rubric. Once you are certified, the journey as a therapist has only just begun, and you may discover that there is endless deepening of your own self-realization, and also an endless possibility to learn more skills, and hone your existing skills.

To further your capacity to serve the world as a skillful True Friend, we offer more in-depth and advanced skills training through various courses and retreats throughout the year. These include more advanced interventions, an Ericksonian model of therapy, and advanced use of the enneagram in the therapeutic relationship, as well as for deepening insight into the structure of your ego.

By completing Module 3 in addition to 50 hours of advanced training, within a 2-year period, you will be eligible to be assessed for your advanced certification. Please see our list of upcoming events to see if they are listed as eligible courses.

Attaining an advanced certification not only adds to your credentials as a therapist, it gives you continued training and experience working with others in group formats, allowing you to practice these more advanced skills with others with the same intention.

Advanced Certifications available are: Advanced Clinical Hypnosis, Advanced Leela Therapist, Leela Mentor, Enneagram Teacher, Leela Teacher.


True Friend Immersion Full Year (Minimum 2 years) plus Leela School Therapist Certification

50 Hours of Eligible Advanced Coursework in 2 years