What is Satsang?

Devotee: WHAT IS SATSANG? Papaji: “Sat” means Truth in Sanskrit. “Sanga” means “to associate with”. So the best association is to associate with the Truth. Association with the Truth is what satsang is. So you may be anywhere in the world and you may be alone, or with other people. Unfortunately, the word “satsang” has … Read more

How Far Have We Gone


Reading the latest edition of Eli Jaxon-Bear´s classic Enneagram book “Fixation to Freedom,” these words caught my attention: “We are all struggling, but how far have we gone?” – Kabir. How far have I gone? That is the essential question! That is what makes a difference in my life, and in the lives of those … Read more

Spiritual Retreats

Joey Bloom Spiritual Retreats

Before I discovered the Leela School, I was searching for a final teacher. I came across Gangaji; an American-born woman who transmitted the simple truth of who I am. Coming out of a school of mysticism which was very flashy and entertaining, at first I found Gangaji’s message to be too simple. After attending a … Read more

Spiritual Awakening

Marja Leela School Mentor

Spiritual Awakening  Silence is one of the most important ‘things’ I have learned from Eli Jaxon-Bear and his Leela School teachers. I cannot live without that anymore, as I have experienced it is part of who I am. Silence taught me that spiritual awakening is not a matter of adding. Surrender Recently I went through … Read more

Transforming Robots into Humans

Henk Leela School Mentor

Robots are stepping out of science fiction fantasy into the reality of humans. Japan has the scoop of the first human-robot marriage. Europe considers civil rights for robots. Technicians all over the world are developing robot dolls with sensitive skin and ‘real’ facial features. These dolls will become our techno-slaves. But as they, with the … Read more

What do You Want? Cravings vs. Fulfillment

self realization and hypnotherapy courses

This is a transcript of a recent webcast from Jared Franks part of the monthly Leela School webcast series. Enjoy! Something that I discovered from my teacher Eli is that human bodies, are desire bodies. We are continuously wanting, and usually unaware of it. Most people don’t know what it is that they really want, … Read more

Hypnosis in Contemporary Medicine

self realization and hypnotherapy courses

In 2005, a review was undertaken by James H. Stewart, MD, on behalf of the Mayo Clinic, entitled “Hypnosis in Contemporary Medicine”. Hypnosis became popular as a treatment for medical conditions in the late 1700s when effective pharmaceutical and surgical treatment options were limited. To determine whether hypnosis has a role in contemporary medicine, relevant … Read more

Announcing Certification in Clinical Hypnosis

self realization and hypnotherapy courses

We are very pleased to announce the first Module 1 course, this is a 10 day in-person retreat with Eli Jaxon-Bear, the founder of the Leela School, alongside Leela Teachers and Mentors, covering the syllabus in an environment of openness and heart-based learning, experiencing, practicing, and deep support. Certification in Clinical Hypnosis, Level 1 – … Read more

The Leela School receives A.C.H.E accreditation

self realization and hypnotherapy courses

We are excited to let you know we received the A.C.H.E. (American Council of Hypnotist Examiners) accreditation in January 2016. You can read more about the A.C.H.E. and the A.C.H.E. code of ethics here: A.C.H.E. American Council of Hypnotist Examiners ACHE Code of Ethics