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A live, online course with teacher and author Eli Jaxon-Bear. Exercises, inquiries, breakout groups, and worksheets, to fully immerse in the subtleties of the Enneagram, will be lead by Leela School teachers, Lisa Schumacher and Jared Franks.

Jan 6 - Mar 3, 2022


✔︎  Recordings of each of Eli’s Live Meetings during this course

✔︎  A download version of Self-Realization and the Enneagram

✔︎  E-book version of Fixation to Freedom: The Enneagram of Liberation

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Benefits of the Enneagram Course

  • Learn about the historical roots and deep wisdom of this ancient teaching.
  • Discover the 9 enneagram fixation types experientially through exercises, breakout groups, worksheets and pre-reading.
  • Receive Eli's decades of intimate knowledge of this map of the ego; uncover its true potential as a wisdom mirror for who you are not.
  • Ask Eli live clarifying questions about your fixation.
  • Receive loving support to discover your true self underneath the fixation.

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What is the enneagram?

Everyone wants to be happy. Even those who hate themselves and those who do violence to others can trace the drive back to the deepest unfulfilled desire for happiness.

Why is it that so few people are truly happy and fulfilled? How is it that the universal quest for happiness has led to the full spectrum of suffering on planet Earth?

The Enneagram of Liberation offers an answer to this puzzle and points to the solution.

In our time, the Enneagram of Liberation has appeared as an illusory medicine to cure an illusory disease. The disease is the egoic idea of separation based in the story of „me and my life.“ The cure is to look in the wisdom mirror of the Enneagram to see past all false identification, to your true identity.

Benefits of knowing your fixation

The great gift of the Enneagram of Liberation is that it gives us the precise structure of the knot of ego. Awareness is the sword, and the Enneagram shows us the knot that needs to be cut. In this way enlightenment, or self-realization, is possible.

The Enneagram reveals how we have falsely identified ourselves as a body with behaviors, thoughts and feelings. The trap of our spiritual culture is to try to be an elightened “somebody” but the ego cannot become enlightened.

Once these patterns of subconscious identification are brought to light, they can be discarded in the search for the true “I.” In this way, the Enneagram is immediately useful in the process of awakening, or enlightenment.

When we are ready to look directly at that which we have hidden, avoided justified, and what we are running from and what we are trying to get, the Enneagram gives us wisdom mirror to see our true selves. It provides us the opportunity to see the mechanical nature of the ego that we have identified as “self.” In this way, the Enneagram is extremely precise in its description of what is false, so that what is true may be revealed.

With the Enneagram you can start recognizing the patterns of eogic fixation not only in yourself, but also in your relationships. Forgiveness and compassion become possible when you discover that each one of us is simply wired a little differently, each having a different process for searching for happiness. Recognizing your parents’ egoic structure gives insight into what may seem to have been inexcusable behavior. With this understanding, we can begin to forgive ourselves, our partners, our parents, and our children. We can stop demanding that the people in our lives be different from the way they are. We can stop demanding apples from a pear tree.

Through the process of recognizing our patterns of fixation, something very important takes place. Conscious mind inevitably realizes that there is more going on in life than meets the eye.

The great potential of the Enneagram is that it can be used to cut your identification with the ego. You can discover that the ego is just a pattern; it is not who you are. You can see through the veils of false identity to realize the truth.

Enneagram of Awakening symbol
This is the nine-point enneagram based on Pythagorean mathmatics. It shows the different “fixations” and how they relate to each other.

Once you have seen through all false identification, it is possible to realize true freedom, to live as boundless essence of being rather than in the imagination of who you believe yourself to be. Free from imagining yourself to be who you are not, you will recognize your own Self everywhere. In this meeting with your Self, you are the silent embodiment of happiness and bliss.

How to find out your Enneagram fixation?

Online tests?

Most people who discover the enneagram head straight for an online test to see what number they are. Over the decades of working with people individually and in large groups around the world, we have found these online tests to be largely ineffective in identifying the correct fixation type. The reason is that most people are unconscious of the deeper patterns that are running their lives, underneath the apparent personality. Many people have a story about themselves that in fact misses the deeper structure of their character fixation.

For example, someone might imagine themselves to be shy and like their own space, so they show up in the online test as a 5 fixation. Yet many people feel this way, across all fixations, and in fact may be hiding a deep rage or unworthiness that is more core, and this reveals a different character fixation at play.

Taking this into consideration, having a direct personal approach with an enneagram teacher or mentor, attending retreats such as offered by the Leela School and Eli Jaxon-Bear, there is the possibility to see what egoic tendencies are running, and to see through to the depth of Being.

In a retreat setting, you are asked questions that cut to the core and reveal the more fundamental movements of the fixation, rather than getting caught in a story of personality

The Enneagram Mastery Course with Eli is structured to look at each fixation in depth, seeing exemplars who show the nuances of the fixation, and inquiry questions that will help bring to light the subconscious patterns that are as yet unseen.

Biggest Mistakes using the Enneagram

Most people use the enneagram as a tool to get a better story, be a better someone, and have a better life. The trap is that you identify further, now as a number, and use that number to excuse and justify suffering. In the Leela School we use the enneagram only to wake up from the trance of suffering. To discover these character fixations as who you are not and discover who you really are. This is the possibility to use the enneagram as a sacred tool for awakening, and not to go deeper into trance.

Enneagram Course Details

You will discover how the enneagram of liberation reveals fixated patterns in yourself and your relationships, and how it shows us the doorway to true freedom.

Using Eli Jaxon-Bear's comprehensive Livestream videos, we will focus on one fixation in each session, allowing time for in-depth, detailed exploration. Focused on interactive learning, we’ll be breaking out into smaller groups for exercises and deep personal inquiry.

Cost for the entire series is $180 and includes:

  • Full Nine Enneagram Livestream videos with Eli as well as an Introduction to the roots of the Enneagram and using it for Self-realization
  • Recordings of each of Eli's Live Meetings during this course
  • A download version of Self-Realization and the Enneagram
  • ebook version of Fixation to Freedom: The Enneagram of Liberation
  • A worksheet with questions to inquire into before each live event
  • A free 30 minute chat with a Leela School Teacher or Mentor

Eli with a student in the Enneagram online course.

All live meetings with Eli (held on Zoom) will be on the following dates. Zoom links will be sent out to those registered. Recordings of each meeting will be sent out directly afterwards to everyone.

US Pacific Time: Thursday January 6, 13, 20, 27, February 3, 10, 17, 24 and March 3 at 1:00pm
EU Amsterdam (CET):
Thursday January 6, 13, 20, 27, February 3, 10, 17, 24 and March 3 at 10:00pm
Sydney AU (AEDT):
Friday January 7, 14, 21, 28, February 4, 11, 18, 25 and March 4 at 8:00am

Please allow 2 hours for each live meeting.

The Anger Ego Fixations
Week One: 9 Fixation; Week Two: 8 Fixation; Week Three: 1 Fixation

The Hysteric Ego Fixations
Week Four: 3 Fixation; Week Five: 2 Fixation; Week Six: 4 Fixation

The Mental Ego Fixations
Week Seven: 6 Fixation; Week Eight: 7 Fixation; Week Nine: 5 Fixation


If this is your 3rd Time attending this course, you can register at half off.


Returning Students that refer someone new that pays full price and mentions you upon registration can attend with 1/2 off tuition. If you refer 2 or more new people, you can attend for free.

Please email Leigh (leigh@leela.org) for information on either one of these discounts.

This course is equal to 18 CEUs (Continuing Education Units) for students applying for advanced certification or certification renewals.

Why learn with Eli Jaxon-Bear?

Eli Jaxon-Bear is an American spiritual teacher and author of several ground-breaking books including, Fixation to Freedom: The Enneagram of Liberation. He lives in Ashland, Oregon, with his wife Gangaji who is also a spiritual teacher. Before he met his final teacher, Sri H.W.L. Poonja - Papaji, in 1990, he was best known for his new model of the Enneagram taking it deeper than personality to the core of ego. Now he infuses his mastery and depth of experience with the enneagram, with his teacher’s transmission of a silent mind and open heart, and the possibility for final liberation through self-realization.

Eli has taught hundreds of enneagram retreats all over the world, working with thousands of people to discover their true nature. His mastery is reflected in his capacity to work with individuals directly during the retreats and courses, both to identify the correct fixation, and to assist the student to wake up from the trance of their personal identity.

Request this Free 3-part Intro to the Enneagram of Liberation Course

*Multi-media course delivered via email
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