Advanced Certification - Enneagram of Liberation

Advance Certification - Enneagram of Liberation

Fixation or freedom is the question facing all of us as we reflect on ourselves and awaken to our true nature.

Are we acting out our egoic patterns of fixation, or are we living a life of love and freedom?  The Enneagram of Liberation is a wisdom mirror, holding up a light to illuminate our deepest egoic movements and patterns. When subconscious patterns of behavior, emotions, and thinking are brought into the light of consciousness, they lose their hold on us; we can stop taking the world personally. We discover the capacity to be still.

Eli Jaxon-Bear was introduced to the Enneagram in the 1980s in Berkeley, California. A Pythagorean mathematical symbol, Eli reset it from the way it was being presented at the time – as a personality system – to one of character fixation. This ancient Pythagorean insight has been incorporated into the Leela therapeutic model. Using it brings clarity to a client’s presenting issues and the deeper fixated subconscious drives, allowing the therapist to see beyond the surface effects, and go straight to the cause.

Each year we offer, both included as part of our yearly True Friend Immersion training, and as a separate course, courses focused on ego and insight using the enneagram.

In these courses, you will discover your particular egoic fixation, and how this creates a false sense of self. Through direct experience, exercises, and watching exemplars, we will investigate the movement of mind, emotions, body and circumstance, and how these are used by the mind to create a story of “me and my life.” In this exploration of the fixated egoic trance, there is the possibility to discover what is not fixated, and in that to realize the deeper truth of who you are. You will also become proficient at recognizing your client’s fixation, as well as learning how to work with the different fixations, using this insight therapeutically as leverage for profound seeing and understanding, and appropriate intervention.

We also offer tailored mentoring packages to mentor you in private one-on-one sessions, offering you the possibility to investigate what are the deeper running patterns of suffering, and the path home to your essence.

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