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On this page you will find information about the Enneagram of Liberation. You will find the history of the Enneagram’s roots in antiquity, how we use this diagram of ego structure therapeutically, and most importantly, how to use it for awakening to your true self.

You will also find references to courses and training opportunities for learning and applying the wisdom mirror of the Enneagram of Liberation.

The Enneagram - a path to Happiness

Everyone wants to be happy. This is a universal component of the human condition and may seem so self-evident that it does not bear noting. Even those who hate themselves intensely or do violence to others can trace the drive back to the deepest unfulfilled desire for happiness.

Why is it that so few are truly happy? How is it that the universal quest for happiness has led to the full spectrum of suffering on this planet? How can the desire for happiness manifest as ignorance, greed, and violence?

The Enneagram of Liberation offers an answer to this puzzle and points to the solution.

In our time, the Enneagram of LIberation has appeared as an illusory medicine to cure an illusory disease. The disease is the egoic idea of separation based in the story of „me and my life.“  The cure is to look in the wisdom mirror of the Enneagram to see past all false identification, to your true identity.


  1. History of the Enneagram
  2. Function of the Enneagram of Liberation
  3. The Enneagram of Character Fixation
  4. Leela Therapy and Enneagram Courses
  5. Videos about the Enneagram
1 . History of the Enneagram of Liberation

The word Enneagram comes from Greek and means “nine-sided.” The Greek philosopher Pythagoras developed the Enneagram model, based on the geometry of triangles and the vibration of octaves, as a way to express mathematically the harmony of the cosmos. (The Pythagorean Theorem is an example of his interest in the inner mathematics of geometry.) The first drawing of an Enneagram comes from one of Pythagoras’ students and is an expression of the mathematics and harmonics of materialization. By applying this model to the human psyche, the nature of the human mind is given a concrete form and true character and essence can be discerned and expressed.

Starting with Pythagoras’ first mystery school in Ancient Greece, the teaching had been kept secret for thousands of years. The sacred was hidden from the profane, and the mystery schools and brotherhoods passed on their teaching from generation to generation.

In our age, the Enneagram first came to light in the west in the teachings of G. I. Gurdjieff, who was a mystic, philosopher, spiritual teacher, and composer, born in Armenia in the late nineteenth century. Gurdjieff claimed to have learned his teaching from a mystery school in Central Asia.

The Enneagram next appeared in the west through Oscar Ichazo, a teacher in Arica, Chile, who started Arica, his spritual school which taught his version of the Enneagram. Ichazo took the teaching out of the abstract and developed the characteristics of nine different fixations with easily recognizable features. This was revolutionary. However, because he called it The Enneagram of Personality, it limited the depth of the inquiry to superficial changes of personality or to working on perfecting a better fixation.

Claudio Naranjo, a psychotherapist and a student of Ichazo, took the teaching to Berkeley, California where it was fleshed out with psychological depth. Eli Jaxon-Bear learned it from Naranjo and two of his students. Realizing that the teaching was limited to personality, he deepend and reframed the model to The Enneagram of Liberation.


2. Function of the Enneagram of Liberation

The great gift of the Enneagram of Liberation is that it gives us the precise structure of the knot of ego. Awareness is our sword, and the Enneagram shows us the knot that needs to be cut. In this way enlightenment, or self-realization, is possible.

The Enneagram reveals how we have falsely identified “I” as our egoic identification with the physical, emotional, and mental bodies. This identification presents itself in the unexamined belief that we are a body with behaviors, feelings, and thoughts. Once these patterns of subconscious identification are brought to light, they can be discarded in the search for the true “I.” In this way, the Enneagram is immediately useful in the process of awakening, or enlightenment.

When we are ready to look directly at that which we have masked and justified, the Enneagram gives us light—reflecting light without judgment. It provides us the opportunity to see the mechanical nature of the ego that wehave identified as “self.” In this way, the Enneagram is extremely precise in it‘s  description of what is false, so thatwhat is true may be revealed.

Everyone has a “chief feature.” This chief feature is the part of our egoic identity that is the hardest for us to see, like seeing the tip of our nose without a mirror. The overall pattern of our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors seems so real and so personal to us that we have incorrectly identified it to be who we are. It is the pervasive background quality of this chief feature that keeps it from being directly examined. In fact, this feature is both the obstruction and the potential gateway to realizing who we really are.

With the Enneagram you can start recognizing the patterns of fixation not only in yourself, but also in your relationships. Forgiveness and compassion become possible when you discover that each one of us is simply wired a little differently, each having a different process for completing the same task. Recognizing your parents’ egoic structure gives insight into what may seem to have been inexcusable behavior. With this understanding, we can begin to forgive ourselves, our partners, our parents, and our children. We can stop demanding that the people in our lives be different from the way they are. We can stop demanding apples from a pear tree.

Through the process of recognizing our patterns of fixation, something very important takes place. Conscious mind inevitably realizes that there is more going on in life than meets the eye.

The great potential of the Enneagram is that it can be used to cut your identification with the ego. You can discover that the ego is just a pattern; it is not who you are. Then you can allow your identification with ego to dissolve, refusing to fuel it with your participation.

Once you have seen through all false identification, it is possible to realize true freedom, to live as boundless essence of being rather than in the imagination of who you believe yourself to be. Free from imagining yourself to be who you are not, you will recognize your own Self everywhere. In this meeting with your Self, you are the silent embodiment of happiness and bliss.

3 . The Enneagram of Liberation

The Enneagram of Liberation is a way of identifying nine different egoic masks.

There are three core fixations with an interiorized and exteriorized version of each.

  • When the identification arises in the physical body, the fixation is anger-based.
  • When the identification arises in the mental body, the fixation is fear-based.
  • When the identification is in the emotional body, the fixation is shame-based hysteria.

A fixation is only possible if there is identification with the physical, emotional, and mental bodies. As long as that knot is tied, and consciousness momentarily believes itself to be form — subtle or gross — the fixation is crystallized in one of the three bodies of manifestation.

Leela Therapy and Enneagram Courses

This ancient Pythagorean insight has been incorporated into the Leela psychotherapeutic model. Using it brings clarity to a client’s presenting issues and the deeper fixated subconscious drives, allowing the therapist to see beyond the surface effects, and go straight to the cause.

Each year we offer, both included as part of our yearly Spiritual Awakening and Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapy Training, and as a separate course, courses focused on ego and insight using the enneagram.

In these courses, you will discover your particular egoic fixation, and how this creates a false sense of self. Through direct experience, exercises, and watching exemplars, we will investigate the movement of mind, emotions, body and circumstance, and how these are used by the mind to create a story of “me and my life.” In this exploration of the fixated egoic trance, there is the possibility to discover what is not fixated, and in that to realize the deeper truth of who you are. You will also become proficient at recognizing your client’s fixation, as well as learning how to work with the different fixations, using this insight therapeutically as leverage for profound seeing and understanding, and appropriate intervention.

We also offer tailored mentoring packages to mentor you in private one-on-one sessions, offering you the possibility to investigate what are the deeper running patterns of suffering, and the path home to your essence.

Upcoming Course:

Waking Up From the Trance of Suffering:
October 22 - 26, 2021
This course will be held entirely online via Zoom

In this unique retreat Eli Jaxon-Bear will work one-on-one with members of the group demonstrating the full range of therapeutic modalities offered by the Leela School in the service to Spiritual Awakening out of from the trance of suffering. The Enneagram of Liberation and advanced Ericksonian techniques will be used for insight and realization. Leela Trainers will lead daily sessions to practice and utilize what was demonstrated that day.

“Every story has a happy ending. If you aren’t happy, your story hasn’t ended yet”
Eli Jaxon-Bear

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