FAQ Module 1

Do I need to sign up for the full program?

No. You can join as you please and dip in and out of the program at your own pace. We understand that it is a big financial and time commitment - we welcome you whether you can commit for the full 2 years or for 1 module only.

Can I join if I’m not a therapist, coach or facilitator?

Of course. You don’t need to be anything to join.

Do I need to get certified?

No. This is entirely optional. If you don’t want to work as a therapist and want to use the program for your own deepening, you are most welcome. We are here for you.

Can I get certified after 1 year?

No. Over time, we’ve discovered that 1 year is too short to have the depth of realization and the mastery of skills to serve. We therefore require at least 2 years.

Can I join if I don’t know my enneagram fixation?

Certainly. People graduate not knowing their enneagram fixation - as you will discover, it is sometimes more complicated to discover one’s fixation than it appears. The enneagram is a tool we use, not the goal of this training.

Am I too young or too old for this training?

If you are here, reading these words, you are the right age. Our sangha spans all age groups and all walks of life.

Do I have to pay the full tuition all at once?

No, we can arrange a payment plan for you. Please inquire at info@leela.org

I just want to wake up, and don’t want to be a therapist. Is this course still for me?

Yes. The primary focus of the school is awakening from egoic trance, to end the suffering in each one of us. The skills compliment this deep desire for freedom and truth.