How Our Therapy Works

The skills we offer are broad and cover several different modalities, which together form a coherent, effective and powerful medium for therapeutic intervention.

Based on over thirty years of a life’s work, we pass on these skills to spread the possibility for true happiness.

Skillful means require insight into your client’s presenting conditions. You will have the means to know which intervention is appropriate, and the flexibility to generate your own unique interventions.

You will learn how to address and work with the three levels of therapeutic intervention.

You will be able to help your clients:

  • On the symptom level, such as dealing with phobias and negative behaviors;
  • With Ego strengthening, in gaining self-confidence or dealing with fear;
  • And uniquely to our training, ego transcendence.

You will be supported in waking up from your own egoic identification, and discovering endlessly deeper depths of your Self.

The Three Levels of Therapeutic Intervention


You will be prepared to work at the level of symptom cure and habit control as the first level of therapeutic intervention.

The next level of intervention is ego strengthening. This level deals with deeper layers of the client’s psyche, and may address fundamental issues of the person’s life. Healing childhood wounding, trauma, and deep-seated fears are just a few examples. Shamanic soul connection is an example of a technique you will learn that serves the healing of old wounds. As the structures of mind are re-wired, self-confidence, true love and deeper clarity emerge.

Proficiency within these two levels are the first attributes of being a successful helping professional. In addition to these foundational skills, you will get to experience the interventions as both client and therapist. In this way you gain both familiarity with the process, and insight into your own deep psychological structures. As a means of insuring your success with both techniques and process of insight, we include one-on-one mentoring beyond our group meetings and practices.

The third level of our training focuses on ego-transcendence. As we work with ego and essence both in internal investigation and in working with others, we explore the deep structures of the psyche. Deep insights and realizations naturally arise in the sacred space of silence and love that is our ground.