How to Apply

Start Your Application for The Leela School

The skills we offer at The Leela School are for your own awakening and skillful living in the world, while also offering the possibility to be certified as a therapist to work with clients on a range of presenting issues.  The Leela School of Awakening supports world peace and freedom through universal self-realization.  If your heart calls you, you are welcome here.

Step 1 - Find the Right Course For You

These courses build upon one another and are designed to be taken in order. Please schedule a chat with one of our mentors if you are unsure of what course schedule is right for you.

Step 2 - Review Available Upcoming Courses

Explore all the up-to-date class information (price, location, date) within our course calendar. *Important - Do not purchase until your application for enrollment is approved.

Step 3 - Submit Application for Enrollment

To help us determine if a Leela course is the right fit for you, please fill out our application for enrollment here. The Leela School will walk with you through the whole process of application, financial aid questions, and any other specific needs you may have, then you can register for the course you like!

Step 4 - Return to our class store and purchase

When you're ready to purchase,  return to the shop and purchase the class that you've been approved for.