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Welcome to our 2-step online application process. You will be invited to 1) submit an enrollment form and  2) select your program and book it. After the first step, remember to return to this screen to complete the full application process. Please note that we will begin reviewing your application only after completing all steps.

Note: In order to apply to the 2nd year of the Leela Facilitator Program, you are required to have completed Year 1: Leela Depth Immersion,

Step 1 - Complete our Enrollment form

Please fill out our application for enrollment. The Leela School will walk with you through the whole process of application, financial aid questions and any other specific needs you may have.

Step 2 - Choose your desired location and book.

Leela Facilitator Program (Year 2) - USA


Leela Facilitator Program (Year 2) - Europe

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Leela Facilitator Program (Year 2) - Australia

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You will hear from us within 10 days of successful submission.