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Support awakening for all

with a quiet mind and an open heart

Welcome to our 12 month-300 hour certification program for those who feel called to awaken to their true nature and skillfully support others. Embody and confidently share the True Friend Method ™ - our transformative combination of therapeutic skills, self-inquiry and silence. Our program is accredited by the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners (ACHE).

Prerequisites: One Year of Depth Immersion Program

During this program you will

  • See through your egoic structure and taste your True Nature
  • Embody a silent mind and an open heart with  the trauma-informed skillful means to support others
  • Be fully equipped to serve the healing and awakening of the world one heart at a time
  • Upon successful completion of our one year Depth Immersion program and this 12 month skills immersion certification program, you will have the possibility to apply for a Leela Facilitator Certification.  You can additionally apply to be certified as ACHE Clinical Hypnotherapist.
  • This program includes all the elements of our Depth Immersion program, PLUS in-depth online skills training through multiple retreats and learning weekends, online learning platform with a comprehensive library of learning resources, dedicated learning pods for skills deepening and practice, and one-on-one mentoring sessions.
  •  This program is for students who have completed at least one year of Depth Immersion or True Friend Immersion. It is also open to all students who are already certified as a Leela Therapist to deepen their skills or to earn Continuing Education credits for certification renewal.

Year 1

Price: $4500 or a payment plan of $395/month

Year 2

Price: $6000 or a payment plan of $510/month

About Our Program 

Let both the client and therapist wake up

Are you ready to end the cycle of personal suffering and directly realise your true nature?Do you feel called to support others with humility and dignity? We are here to help you turn inward and face everything with clarity and insight.

“Let both the client and therapist wake up.” With these words, Eli’s Teacher Papaji sent him back into the world and asked him to share the gift of awakening, one heart at a time. The Leela Facilitator Program is the fulfillment of this message, combining Papaji’s direct transmission of silence and Eli’s decades of therapeutic mastery - a form of therapy beyond therapy. 

The Leela Facilitator Program is a 2-year certification training for those who feel called to dive into the depths of self-discovery, to awaken to their true radiant nature and to support others. This program is heart-based and entirely experiential - it uniquely marries trauma-informed therapeutic approaches for healing and ego strengthening, with self-inquiry for ending egoic identity. 

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In this powerful and intimate container, you will master the True Friend Method™ 

  • Embody being a True Friend - meet yourself and the world with a silent mind and an open heart, in deep rapport, not taking anything personally
  • Discern between ego and essence - discover our revolutionary map of the ego based on the Enneagram of Liberation. See through all the layers of mistaken identity and experience the depth of your essence
  • From this ground, learn the skillful therapeutic and transpersonal means to support others to heal, wake up and be free from suffering.

The Leea School’s decades of therapeutic mastery include work with expanded states of consciousness, compassionate inquiry and hypnotherapeutic methods.

This program is for you if you...

  • Have explored different healing modalities, sacred substances, spiritual paths, but some residual suffering remains unresolved
  • Already have a private therapy, coaching, teaching or healing practice and would like to take your own service to a deeper level
  • Hear the call to discover your True Nature, deeper than your personal identity
  • Are willing to look at your fixated beliefs and heal the wounds at their core 
  • Feel called to support others in their healing and self-realization with a quiet mind and an open heart.

First and foremost, being True Friend to yourself, you will discover the difference between the stillness of the heart and the habitual and conditioned movements of the mind. Then, you have a choice - to stay true to your heart and let it live your life in harmony and fulfillment or to follow the insatiable and, up to now largely unconscious, desires and aversions of the mind.

Join us in 2024

Year 1: Leela Depth Immersion

$4500 or $395/month

Year 2: MASTERING the true friend method

$6000 or $510/month

Our method

The True Friend Method (TFM)™

All our work is grounded in the principle of being a True Friend, which means meeting ourselves and the world with a quiet mind, an open heart, and not taking anything personally. The skillful means to support healing and self-discovery in our clients arise from this solid and transformative ground. Learn more...

Free 3-part Introduction to the True Friend Method

Eli Jaxon-Bear and the Leela School Teachers present the foundation of the True Friend Method in this free 3-part course -  a glimpse into the possibility of a happy, free and fulfilled life.

Still unsure that this program is for you? Get in touch.

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