Angelina Englmeier

I was born in Austria – Innsbruck on October 14th, 1956.

From the beginning on I wanted the deepest security and love and compassion and support available here on earth. So much I wanted to live! So much I wanted LIFE!

That shining seed appeared as the deepest pain and longing in my heart, because of experiencing traumatic abandonment and pain in childhood and following up happenings that did not match the love I knew is true.

Searching for THIS love and security which does not change with circumstances I tried lots of ways. My main way was a relationship with a partner. I love communication, dancing on all levels of communication ( nonverbal, verbal ) as an expression of connectedness – and I had to learn and acknowledge that this communication also includes NO s, even painful dances, violent dances, and betrayal dances. Searching, disappointment and restlessness, and fear were generated in these experiences.

And I felt the call for fulfillment even more.

Now I see the blessing in this search and disappointment – as I am with my husband now for over 30 years and we kept the relationship alive in getting more and more true – telling the truth within ourselves and towards the other – no matter what emotions come up- I committed myself to true love, this means I stay conscious with whatever appears. That is what I can offer – supporting deeper and deeper intimacy with yourself and others.

I learned to listen deeply to myself and listen deeply to another..person or animal..or tree.. or water...at last finding that I listen to my own consciousness, expressing its wisdom through another form.

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