Barry Pappin

In November 2018 Barry's whole world changed, after many years of searching for true freedom he attended an open meeting with Gangaji and Eli in Mullumbimby Australia. In that moment Barry felt his heart bursting with love, the transmission that was being radiated was unspeakable, this is what Barry had been searching for his whole life. As far back as a young child he felt alone and a longing to know, who am I? In 1995 he left his home town in Victoria and travelled to Kalgoorlie Western Australia, this is where he meet his beloved Tanya. In March 2019 Barry attended the first year of the Leela School and in September 2021 he became a certified Leela Therapist. During this time Barry has been deeply supported by the teachers, mentors and Leela therapists in discovering and transcending his character fixation, this has supported Barry in the Deeping of his true nature. Barry is here in loving support for anyone looking to discover there true nature

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Mooball, Nueva Gales del Sur, 2483, Australia