Casey Frieder, Leela School Mentor

Casey Frieder

It is a great joy for me to serve as a mentor in the Leela School. I first met Eli in 2004, and from that moment forward, he has been a true teacher; always guiding my awareness out of the make-believe stories in my head and back to the living presence in my heart. Thanks to the brilliance of Eli’s therapeutic skills, the wisdom of the Enneagram, and Ramana Maharishi’s transmission of silence, the Leela School makes it possible for anyone to wake up from the trance of suffering and experience lasting fulfillment.

I’ve discovered that there is nothing I enjoy more than being a True Friend, with a quiet mind and open heart, and helping others to discover the radiance of their own Self.

In my daily work as a chiropractic physician, I find that showing up as a True Friend deepens my interactions with clients and quite naturally illuminates the healing resources already within them. It is a profound blessing to serve in this way!

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Oregon, United States