Christoph Hahnemann

A short time before I met Eli in 2002, I had an experience of an inner full stop, a deep blissful stillness, lasting for weeks. But eventually thoughts and believes returned and with them the trance of suffering.

My first question to Eli was: "How can I deepen silence?" Without hesitating he answered: "By falling in love with it." I did not understand it and by grace his words fell through to a deeper place inside. I immediately knew, I had found my teacher and ever since I am in love with silence.

In silence, which is loving consciousness, I meet you. In the light of this loving consciousness help and support appears of its own accord. It enlightens what is in the dark, heals what needs to be healed and leaves everything else to Love. It is the invitation to both of us to come home. Let’s dive in together.

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