Clare Ennew

After years of searching to find the cause of her suffering, Clare discovered the work of the Leela School.
She has been committed to this work since 2017, and is dedicated to mission of The Leela School of Awakening as it supports world peace and freedom through universal self-realisation - Clare dedicates her Life to this.

She is based in the Northern Rivers NSW, Australia and has been a certified True Friend therapist since 2019.

Her personal life experiences - the grief of losing her mother to suicide, raising four children and going through separation, living internationally for 30 plus years and experiencing deep feelings of ‘displacement’ - have given her a broad understanding of the human condition.

Through this training Clare recognised how her thoughts were creating suffering in her life. She experienced that when one lets go of the thoughts of the conditioned mind Peace and Love is possible, right now, in each moment.
From this place of quiet it is possible to live an authentic life with an open the heart.
In light of her own discovery it is her deep desire is to serve others.

Clare uses the teaching of being a True Friend in all aspects of her life, as both therapist and artist - creating and teaching from a place of natural action - it is an ongoing discovery.
She offers a compassionate, and gentle approach in supporting others on their own journey to discover their own true nature; everyone has the capacity and resources within to ‘wake up’ from the trance of suffering and be free.

To book a free, 20 minute introductory session with Clare, in order to see if she is a good ‘fit’, please contact her via email. It is then possible to book individual sessions or packages, whatever is needed.

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Goonellabah, Lismore, NSW

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