Joey Bloom, Leela School Skills Mentor

Joey Bloom

After a spontaneous awakening in my early twenties where something very deep, pure and true opened in me, I was ultimately led to my final teacher, Eli Jaxon-Bear.  First discovering Eli on public access TV, I immediately noticed his huge smile and my first thought was, 'there's no way you can fake that kind of smile,' and I wanted to discover the origin of that smile for myself.

In a retreat in Lucknow, India with Gangaji and Eli, something shifted. Eli asked a question, 'what is your life truly about,' and this question penetrated and stirred deep inside. In returning, my life, as good as it was, was no longer acceptable; simply just amassing and pursuing more pleasures and comforts.

I soon quit my job and moved to Ashland to start working for the Leela Foundation in 2014 and since then have immersed myself in the Leela School.  Rooting in the foundation of simply being a True Friend, being quiet, open and receptive has been and continues to be the deepest and most profound teaching, and I am immensely grateful.

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Ashland, Jackson County, Oregon, United States

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