Marie-Christine de Kroon

As a teenager, when looking good became important, I feared and tried to avoid losing the purity of my heart and mind. But relationships, study and finding a way to make a living were drawing all of my attention.

When I went through a crisis, the search for truth, healing and freedom led me to therapy and spirituality.

In 2010 I met Eli and Gangaji and I experienced being held in profound, open listening and presence, melting into Silence. The teachings touch my heart beyond imagination.

I am deeply in love with skillful means and grounded in the support of the teachers, mentors and students of the Leela School, and I offer myself as a True Friend and a Skills Mentor in service of Awakening and Freedom, meeting you as you are.

In my practice in the Netherlands I support individuals as well as groups with bodywork, creative tools and Ericksonian Hypnotherapy.

I look forward to meet with you.

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