Maya Oppenlander

The moment of my first child's birth I felt: I need a new world. This lead me to explore true developmental needs and ways of communication where word and action were aligned.
I started to engage and then work in an active, non-directive school, accompanying children and parents. And I discovered that as parents we can heal and mature by respectfully relating to and resonating with our child.
Working with parents opened up my awareness to the dynamics between women and men (the feminine and masculine energies), and the potential that living in a committed relationship offers. This goes from practical tools for communication to deep healing, when the magnetism, that attracts us, at times reverses.
To find the True Friend quality in the LeelaSchool, to meet another with an open heart and an empty mind, present in the body, was a deep joy and longed for. I am very grateful for the skillful means I learned, that support me in supporting individuals, couples and families.
The enneagram was brought to me back in 2003 and deeply influenced my life, my understanding to see deeper than the fixated patterns that show.
A mother of four, mostly teenagers, I have years of experience with free learning and unconventional living.


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German, English, Portuguese


Aljezur, Faro, Portugal

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