Paul Flowers

Set, setting and intention have always been important to me when approaching conscious experiences of altered states. I feel that these elements were not only important to me in my experiences with psychedelics, but I personally hold a reverent space for them when working with clients as well. The facilitator training places an emphasis on the importance of a client driven psilocybin therapy session, so I enjoy assisting in their vision and manifestation of this. When organizing a session in a facility a client has some flexibility around creating an environment comfortable to them including music, visuals, altar space, etc. and I am happy to work to accommodate requests around this. As a Somatic councilor I have learned to establish trust and feelings of safety within vulnerability for a client quickly. As a longtime practitioner of meditation I feel I am more easily able to be present, quiet, sensitive and attentive to a clients needs in the moment. As a newly licensed facilitator I feel honored to be able to provide this service to those seeking this profound therapeutic work.

Living in Southern Oregon for 20 plus years, I took the opportunity to join the local Leela School of Awakening when they offered their first state certified psilocybin facilitator licensing program. Their focus on selfless service and mindfulness merged well into my previous methodology for approaching counseling or client facilitation. This technique of presence and attentiveness for a client driven experience was paramount for learning how to facilitate and I am happy to now be graduate from the pioneering cohort of this program. For a client to feel seen and held in a personal vulnerable space, that they are committed to financially as well as physically and mentally, they may need to feel trust in a very short period of time. I am sensitive to this and will always consult an initial 30 min session free of charge to see if I am the right guide for you.

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