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Petra Maria Strube

One day I realized that Papaji is my `Guru`. No need to search further. In 2013 Gangaji and Eli organized a journey to Lucknow, India – the city where Papaji lived and gave satsang – in which I luckily could take part. During this time there was the opportunity to visit Papajis house and sit in his former bedroom. There were tears of coming home. I will never forget this moment.

I could see that Gangaji and Eli are always at the feet of their master, so I followed them from there on even more committed in several retreats in Germany and on Maui.
In 2017 I joined the Leela School with Lisa and Jared as teachers next to Eli. There I experienced what it means to be a True Friend for others and for myself. In 2019 I was certified. Besides learning the skills it is a continuous process of dropping deeper and deeper and doing less and less. Just be present with an open heart and a silent mind welcoming everything that is here in this moment.

I would be happy to meet you in this way.

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