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Tilman Rossmy

When I was 15 years old, me and my friends got hold of some LSD and on a Saturday night we took it and I woke up: I could see that love hides by its very presence, that it is actually more present than sand in the desert or water in the ocean. I could neither forget or remember this experience but rather it determined my life from then on. As there was nobody around to help me integrate this realization it actually wasn’t so easy, I got into all kinds of troubles, was found and lost and found and lost again. When I finally gave up my search, quite naturally Gangaji and Eli Jaxon Bear appeared in my life. And to my utter surprise through the Psilocybin Facilitator Program of the Leela School psychedelics also reappeared. I find that the mushroom is the perfect teacher, in the sense that it appears in me, as me, as the Satguru, without any possibility of projection. No healing has to happen since nothing is sick, no fixing as nothing is broken, but the possibility to realize who I am. To use the mushroom as a means of self enquiry, set and setting have to be observed.

Here I can help as a facilitator to sharpen the intention (set) and to provide or advise the ambience (setting) and then to integrate the realizations of your particular journey. I offer psilocybin retreats for individuals and groups totally legal in the Netherlands. Looking forward to meet you! Contact me at tilman@tilman-rossmy.de

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