Vicky Puig

After many years of extreme suffering, which included a long period of severe drug addiction, I had had enough. I knew that I did not want to live one more day in this nightmare, but I didn’t know what to do. Being introduced to Gangaji’s teachings and later to Eli’s was a godsend. I have been attending Satsang with them since 2008. That was the beginning of a life worth living.

I am so grateful to all their teachings culminating in discovering the Enneagram and later joining the Leela School in 2016 and becoming a Leela therapist in 2018. Discovering my fixation and the self-hatred that was underlying everything was the beginning of the end of suffering.

I am now totally committed to taking full responsibility for myself and my life. Such freedom to discover the love and the joy that I am! To this Love and Joy, I am completely devoted.

My life is now in service to supporting others to remember their true nature and be free from suffering. With the help of the skills I learned at the Leela School and the immense support in offer, I am constantly deepening into being a true friend for myself and others. With an empty mind and an open heart, I invite you to discover for yourself what it is that you truly want and to start paying attention to how you move away from that. We open together, we discover together, we deepen together. So profound and beautiful.

Thank you Eli, Jared, Lisa and Stevie for your support over the years. Thank you to my beloved Gangaji.

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