Discover Lasting Freedom Within Yourself

Find the doorway out of confusion. Uncover yourself freshly and dissolve old patterns of mind. And realize that peace and happiness are your true nature.

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This Opportunity to Go Deeper is for You

  • Other retreats, workshops, books, practices, or advice have inspired a desire to go deeper
  • You have tried other programs but crave a safe container where you can see through your old patterns of ego to find out what is real
  • You want support from a teacher and a lineage devoted to Truth
  • You want to come back to what you love - and stay here

"I just got to a point last year in my late twenties where I realized this could really go on forever. I just wanted a real solution, not something that would just feel like this hamster wheel of constantly talking to myself or talking to someone else. I just lucked into finding the school on YouTube because to be honest, I was just really miserable and I knew something needed to change."


Leela Saturdays: A Direct Transmission from Eli

Connect with a True Teacher and heart-centered community in this sacred space together. Papaji told Eli that those who are ready to hear this message of freedom would be attracted to this teaching. Now this sacred teaching is available to all those that have heard the call.

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" I just do Leela Saturdays and even that
has been totally life changing"

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I love this program and am so deeply grateful to have the opportunity to all meet in unmoving love and support. It fills my heart with gratitude. The videos are always perfect and I noticed the group is deepening in silence. So blessed, very lucky to have this group.



I felt the stillness of his mind and I'm like he got it. It's a kinesthetic thing that attracts me to a teacher. It's a feeling. Deifying people can be problematic and I noticed that Eli handles that well. People are very grateful to him but it doesn't affect him because he's got a level of realization that there's no "I", so there's no one to praise.



Connect Deeply with Yourself in True Freedom

Get direct answers and support from Eli one Saturday Meeting per month (1pm PST)

Inquire deeply after watching a curated video clip with a certified Leela Mentor three Fridays per month (1pm PST)

Get access to the library of unpublished Leela videos to support your discovery (coming soon)

Connect with an authentic lineage and receive a direct transmission of Truth

Cancel anytime your circumstances change. No contract.

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Who Is Eli Jaxon-Bear?

Eli Jaxon-Bear is an American spiritual teacher and author of several ground-breaking books including, Wake Up and Roar, Sudden Awakening, and Fixation to FreedomThe Enneagram of Liberation. He lives in Ashland, Oregon, with his wife of fifty years,  Gangaji, who is a world renowned spiritual teacher. Before he met his final teacher, Sri H.W.L. Poonja - Papaji, in 1990, he was best known for his new model of the Enneagram and Ego and synthesizing a radically new approach for training therapists during a decade of leading the certification program at Esalen Institute. Now he infuses his mastery and depth of experience with his teacher’s transmission of a silent mind and open heart, opening the possibility for final liberation through self-realization.

Eli has taught hundreds of  retreats all over the world, working with thousands of people to discover their true nature. His mastery is reflected in his capacity to work with individuals directly during the retreats and courses, both to identify the correct ego fixation, and to assist the student to wake up from the trance of their personal identity.

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