Opening year special discount

We are pleased to announce the opening of The Leela School. We are very excited at the prospect of offering Eli’s powerful teaching and therapeutic methods in a three level certification format, potentially leading to a Diploma in Advanced Clinical Hypnosis. You will deepen in your own personal realization while learning, practicing and perfecting the skills needed to open your own practice as an effective therapist.

We are really focused on making the first year of the training as powerful as possible, and that means making it accessible to as many as possible. To this end we are offering an Opening Year special discount on the price of the first year: Certificate of Clinical Hypnotherapy. We are also offering Module 1 as a stand-alone retreat, so that you can experience the depth of the teaching and decide for yourself if you want to continue on to gain full certification.

Various payment plans are available, and a limited number of scholarships are available.

If you are drawn to go on to the Advanced Certification in Clinical Hypnosis (2 years) or a Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy (3 years), the cost for subsequent years is less. There is a further discount if you choose to enroll and pay for the full 3-year program from the beginning.

Eli’s revolutionary teaching combining mastery level tools of deep trance work with the insights into the structure of ego will enable you to meet all levels of your clients needs from the most superficial to the deepest levels of ego transcendence.

“As a helping professional in any capacity, you will discover that the ground of being a true friend will be the reservoir of skilful means and the source of inspired, insightful intervention. Being a therapist is both a skill and an art. A computer can learn the skills but the artful expression will only come from the depth of your being. Wedding skill and art is a life-long practice. Practice leads towards perfection.”  ~ Eli

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