Our Mission - Spiritual Awakening for Therapist and Klient

Our Mission

The Leela School is an educational non-profit organization based in Ashland, Oregon; Sydney, Australia; and Amsterdam, the Netherlands.  It is the mission of the Leela School to serve world peace and freedom through universal self-realization.

Our Goal

Our goal is to serve everyone who is interested in attaining true self-knowledge, freedom, and peace and to inspire unconditional respect for human dignity and diversity.

Our Vision

Our vision is to see the teachings of being a True Friend--having a silent mind and an open heart--spread throughout the world, from heart to heart, allowing for deeper discoveries of what it means to live a life of true freedom and service to yourself and the world.  We combine awakening from egoic trance, with the skillful means of living in the world in a functional and supportive way.

Our Core Values

Our core values include supporting the right to control our choices in life; avoiding actions that cause harm or servility; treating all individuals justly, fairly, and with empathy and grace; fulfilling our responsibility of trust in professional, mentoring and personal relationships; fostering the well-being of both individual and society by facilitating the realization of our true nature.

Our Commitment

The Leela School’s commitment to you is that you will be trained in a compassionate and heart-based manner, with the most advanced skill set for serving yourself and your community. You will learn how to address and work with the three levels of therapeutic intervention. You will be able to help your clients: on the symptom, level such as dealing with phobias and negative behaviors; with ego strengthening, in gaining self-confidence or dealing with fear; and uniquely to our training, ego transcendence.  You will be supported in waking up from your own egoic identification, and discovering endlessly deeper depths of your Self.

Our Teachers

Our teachers exhibit the depth and the skills that they will offer to you. Our unique combination of skills and insights into the structure of ego and suffering will support you in fulfilling your highest potential in whatever you do in the world, and as a helping professional.