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A Weekend Advanced Skills Retreat


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Advanced Clinical Hypnosis Retreat with Eli Jaxon-Bear
This retreat will be held entirely online via Zoom
Friday August 26 – Sunday August 28, 2022

A three-day online retreat designed for all helping professionals.

Advanced techniques, including Ericksonian methods. Milton Erickson, a psychiatrist and hypnotist, revolutionized the understanding of utilizing the unconscious in the service of change and is considered the greatest therapist of the twentieth century. His use of rapport and various inductions will be demonstrated and all participants will have practice time with feedback for inducing healing trances.

This time will deepen your own insight and give you valuable interventions for dealing with both ego-strengthening and ego-transcendence.

This retreat is led by Eli Jaxon-Bear and Leela School teachers.

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Meeting Schedule (Amsterdam CEST):

Friday August 26th: One Meeting 9pm
Saturday August 27th and Sunday August 28th: Three Meetings each day 3pm, 5:30pm and 9pm

Meeting Schedule (US Pacific Time):

Friday August 26th: One Meeting 12pm
Saturday August 27th and Sunday August 28th: Three Meetings each day 6am, 8:30am and 12pm

Allow 90 – 120 minutes for each meeting
Time in Sydney, AU 11pm, 1:30am and 5am the following day
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This course is equal to 10 CEUs (Continuing Education Units) for students applying for advanced certification or certification renewals.