Discovering Who You Are – Retreat in Tokyo with Jared


Small Group Retreat with Jared Franks in Tokyo

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Discovering Who You Are
Small Group Retreat with Jared Franks in Tokyo
Friday December 16 – Sunday December 18, 2022

In these meetings you will be invited to take a moment out of time, out of your story of reality, to discover and experience your own true nature, free of the veils of mind. Joy, freedom and love are the by-products of your natural essence.


December 16th (Friday) 13:00-14:30 and 16:00-17:30
December 17 (Saturday) 13:00-14:30, 16:00-17:30 and 19:00-20:30
December 18th (Sunday) 10:30-12:00, 14:00-15:30 and 17:00-18:30


Venue Location:
Nishiogi Research Institute
3-6-2 Nishioginami, Suginami-ku, Japan


35000 yen ($245 USD)

*Participation fee is for 8 meetings for 3 days.

Refunds are not possible for cancellations, so please consider carefully before purchasing a ticket.

Maximum capacity for 20 people. 


You will be sitting on a chair to participate, so please bring your own cushions, throws, etc., if necessary.

In addition, we do not provide drinking water to prevent infectious diseases, so please bring your own.

This event will be held with a small number of participants, and will be operated with thorough infection prevention measures such as staff wearing masks, disinfection of the room and equipment, and ventilation. In addition, when visiting and participating, please cooperate with the following infection prevention measures.

・Wear a mask, disinfect your hands with alcohol, and fill in your contact information

・It is possible to bring a container with a lid such as a water bottle and drink inside the room. Please use nearby restaurants for lunch.