How to Shape, Share and Sell Your Offering Webcast with Irena Sekulska – Part 3

A free 3-part webcast for Leela School students and graduates. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

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How to Shape, Share and Sell Your Offering
Zoom Workshop for Leela School Students
Led by Irena Sekulska
Part 3 – September 14th, 2021

The third session will cover the very divisive word “Sell”. We either love it or hate it. 

    • What’s the problem? Inquiry into beliefs around money & selling
  • How to sell without overpromising or hiding in our closet? Going back to the “Why” of your offering.
  • How much? The importance of charging for your time + an inquiry into pricing your sessions in a sustainable for YOU way.
  • Selling online essentials – basic principles that I learnt from other people who knew how to sell
  • Open discussion to pull on everyone’s experience and knowledge


Who is this for?

  • Leela school students who have either graduated and are in the process of setting up their practice; or are close to graduation
  • Those looking to (re)shape their website & offering in a way that speaks to their audience
  • Those looking to expand to new audiences and channels of communication

This is a free Webinar only for current and past Leela School Students.  We will record this and the recording will be made available. Worksheets and homework will be provided in between the three parts that will be offered.


Part 3:
US Pacific Time (PDT): Tuesday September 14th at 12pm
London UK Time (BST): Tuesday September 14th at 8pm
Amsterdam Time (CEST): Tuesday September 14th at 9pm
Sydney AU Time (AEST): Wednesday September 15th at 5am
Auckland NZ Time (NZST): Wednesday September 15th at 7am

Each Meeting lasts approximately 90 minutes