Meeting Trauma Skillfully – Leela School Weekend Retreat with Margot and Laura


A weekend course led by Margot and Laura
$120 Discounted Rate for Current Leela School Students

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Meeting Trauma Skillfully
Leela School Weekend Retreat led by Margot Gedert and Laura Shaw
Zoom Online Course

*Prerequisite – watch the trauma webinar posted in the Leela School resources (Click Here to find it)

All current and past Leela School students, as well as anyone else who meets with trauma in their role as a therapist, are invited to join us for this weekend retreat: Meeting Trauma Skillfully.  This workshop is to explore what trauma is and investigate the differences between ‘trauma-response’ ‘dysregulation’ and ‘fixated movements’  by inquiring into how these manifest in ourselves and others. We will also look at how to skillfully meet and support these in trauma-sensitive ways. The primary focus of this retreat will be on what it means to be a True Friend to yourself and gaining clarity on how we move from this and how that affects our rapport with our clients/counterparts. This workshop will unfold in a safe and supportive space and will consist of:

  • Guided practices, meditations, inquiries
  • Understanding and experiencing the power of coregulation
  • Learning new bottom-up resourcing practices that help regulate the nervous system
  • Margot, Laura and the Leela School teachers will share their insights and stories on how they have experienced and attended to various trauma responses as well as projection, transference and introjection when working with clients
  • Practice and deepen in being a True Friend to yourself as you explore the ways your own nervous system reacts in different scenarios
  • Opportunities to recognize your own internal movements/triggers as you work as a TF with a counterpart
  • Opportunity to practice Leela School interventions with each other in trauma-sensitive ways
  • Inquire into what is beyond trauma, what is untouched, whole and present

As the awareness of trauma is increasing across many therapeutic modalities, due to the nature of our work, we believe it is essential that the Leela School continues to become more trauma-aware and sensitive.  However, it is important that as practitioners and as True Friends, we ensure that we are each staying within our scope of practice, and not advertising or working with clients with trauma unless we have the skills, experience and comfort level to do so.  

Note: This course is recommended for current Leela School students or Leela School graduates, but is open to everyone. Anyone can participate, please take note of the tuition amounts we show below.

Leela School Attendees (past or current students): $120 USD**
**Students please enter coupon code on the shopping cart screen: Leela School Student**
Non-Leela School Attendees: $175 USD

Date and Time:

US (Pacific PST Time):
Saturday November 13th and Sunday November 14th: 11am and 3pm each day

Amsterdam (CET Time):
Saturday November 13th and Sunday November 14th: 8pm and 12am each day

Sydney AU (AEDT Time):
Sunday November 14th and Monday November 15th: 6am and 10am each day
These meetings will be approximately 90 minutes in length.
If your time zone does not appear above please convert time here:
This course is equal to 8 CEUs (Continuing Education Units) for students applying for advanced certification or certification renewals.