Silent Retreat for Spiritual Awakening with Eli Jaxon-Bear


Weekend Silent Retreat with Eli – US
If you are in AU or NZ please CLICK HERE

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Silent Retreat for Spiritual Awakening with Eli Jaxon-Bear:
Finding the Source of True Love
Online Weekend Retreat

Silent Retreat with Eli is a time for direct Self-realization. Through gathering together for an extended period, a rare and profound support is experienced for seeing through the veils of illusion and discovering the true ground of being.

These meetings are a safe space in which to tell the truth about what really matters, what you truly want, and to expose every imagined obstacle to true happiness. This is a time of deep peace and letting the psyche unwind. You will have an opportunity to withdraw from your usual life activities, and to let yourself sink into the vast unknown. We are here to realize without a doubt that the source and wellspring of all happiness is already alive within you.

You are encouraged to keep a practical level of silence between sessions – refraining from telling stories, reinforcing mental addictions and egoic identity.

This is a Zoom retreat led by Eli Jaxon-Bear and Leela School Teachers.

Tuition: $525 USD

US (Pacific PDT Time):
Friday April 1, 2022: Two Meetings at 7pm and 10pm
Saturday April 2, 2022: Three Meetings at 3pm, 7pm and 10pm
Sunday April 3, 2022: Two Meetings at 3pm and 7pm

Please allow 90-120 minutes for each meeting

Sydney AU (AEDT Time):
Saturday April 2, 2022: Two Meetings at 1pm and 4pm
Sunday April 3, 2022: Three Meetings at 9am, 1pm and 4pm
Monday April 4, 2022: Two Meetings at 9am and 1pm

Please allow 90-120 minutes for each meeting

Times in Amsterdam (CEST) are 4am, 7am and midnight

To find the time in your local time zone use