True Friend Immersion Europe – Module 1


Open for new enrollments.  Available for in-person or online. On-Site Accommodations Available.

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The Leela School of Awakening
True Friend Immersion 12 Day Retreat
April 28 – May 9, 2023
This course is offered in-person or Online

New Class open for enrollments.

This is the first part of a one year course, offered in three modules. The foundation of this course is to be a True Friend, for yourself and the world. Discovering a silent mind and an open heart, you will be supported in waking up out of the trance of egoic identification.

This course can be taken online or in-person at our beautiful on-site accommodation in Germany. Please read below for more information.

As a group each day you will watch (and participate) online for Eli’s live meetings held simultaneously in Ashland, Oregon, and then as a group participate live for some of the meetings.

Tuition: € 1430 (EUD)

Potential Meeting Times (Subject to change)
Some of these are with the group in-person and some are via Zoom to Eli or Lisa and Jared (as a group)
All Times in EU CEST Time:
Friday April 28th: One Meeting Time TBD
Saturday April 29th – Monday April 30th: 1st Meeting Time TBD, 7pm and 10pm
Tuesday May 2nd – Monday May 8th: 1st Meeting Time TBD, 6pm and 9pm
Tuesday May 9th: One Meeting TBD and Last Meeting at 6pm

**Allow up to 2 hours for each meeting

If you decide to participate fully online you will be following the US times which can be found here.


For those longing to experience another Leela retreat in-person, this is now a great opportunity.

This retreat can be experienced in-person in two beautiful country houses along the Elbe near Hamburg.

As a group we will participate simultaneous with the module 1 retreat that takes place in Buckhorn in the USA with Eli, Jared and Lisa.

On a daily base we will do two meetings with Buckhorn and one in our European time.

The mansions accommodates 32 people in 17 rooms ranging from basic to lavish, with single rooms being in the minority. On the other hand, attending a retreat internally and collectively adds depth.

Prices per person per bed range from only 25 euros to 60 euros per day. The costs are separate from the price to be paid to the Leela School for the retreat. There will be additional costs for lunch, dinner and a cook – these are still to be sorted out.

There is also the opportunity to attend this retreat with a camper or a tent for 20 euro per person per night.

The German part of the retreat will be hosted and led by Heidi Polzin, Johannes Gwinner, Henk and Monique Engelenburg.

For bookings and more detailed information about rooms and prices, please approach Monique (mo.insideout@gmail.com).

More in detail

The retreat starts with three days with Eli. The meeting times in EU time are at 6 and 10 in the evening.

The following 9 days with Jared and Lisa the meetings are at 6 and 9 in the evening. We will do their daily third meeting as our first meeting the next day using the same exercises. This will be separate from Buckhorn and not online. This meeting will be at 11 in the morning.

This is a great event because by this we can avoid to attend a meeting in the night, so we don’t have to stay up the whole night. 

Meals and drinks will be organized. Breakfast will be at 9.00, warm lunch at 14.00 and dinner at 19.30.

There is a bakery, a farmers store and a supermarket nearby where you can by your extra things.

Reservations and payments

There is an option on the house which must be finalized no later than February 15th, 2023. This is the deadline for reserving and paying for a room.
Payments for the room and meals/cook for 12 nights can be done via and after confirmation by Monique. This will complete your reservation.

The costs are not refundable except when you or we find someone to replace you.

If the government installs a lock down because of Covid all costs are refundable.

We recommend a personal travel insurance.


This course is equal to 44 CEUs (Continuing Education Units) for students applying for advanced certification or certification renewals.