True Friend Immersion – USA – Module 2


This is an online course that includes ten one-on-one mentor sessions.  This is the 2nd part in a one-year part-time course offered in the US.

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The Leela School – US
True Friend Immersion
Module 2

For those in their first year, this is an online course that includes private mentoring sessions.  You will watch Eli work with different clients using a variety of hypnotic inductions and clinical interventions. Each video will be broken down into workable parts for you to practice at home. In addition, you will have 10 hours of private one on one mentoring sessions, usually on Skype.

Students in their 2nd year will receive videos that consist of a full Enneagram Retreat at Esalen Institute as well as a complete section of Enneagram exemplars, from each fixation and sub-type, explaining and demonstrating their fixation, with recorded insights from Eli and Staff.

The multidisciplinary approach of The Leela School includes an Enneagram year, where students will discover their own fixation, leading to deeper personal insight, clarity and integrity, and in this way being more available as a true friend to clients and to the world. You will also become proficient at recognizing your client’s fixation, as well as learning how to work with the different fixations, using this insight therapeutically as leverage for profound seeing and understanding, and an appropriate intervention.

Tuition: Online plus 10 Mentor Sessions: $1200