Weekend Retreat with Jared in Berlin


Weekend Retreat with Jared in Berlin

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Peace Amidst the Madness
A Weekend Retreat with Jared in Berlin
Friday July 8 – Sunday July 10, 2022

How is it possible to be at peace, with a senseless and violent war on your doorstep?

It is heartbreaking and scary, to see the pain inflicted on innocent brothers and sisters for no reason at all; the helplessness that reflects our inability to stop the war, and the possibility that we ourselves may have to suffer directly or indirectly from this madness. We only need look to the recent history of the human race to see the very real possibility of this. 

So how can we serve the end of conflict in the world? How can we meet the pain and fear without continuing the cycle of hatred and anger? 

By starting with ourselves. Finding the root of all conflict in our own minds, the ignorance of the reality of this moment, we can stay true to what is real in the midst of everything. 

The invitation I extend to you from my teacher is to discover the medicine, the way out of this madness, so that each one of us can be a beacon of peace, a light in the dark, shining the possibility of sanity, clarity and love.

To be at peace is not needing to protect a personal identity, a national identity, even a spiritual identity. 

Without internal borders of “me” and “them”; my beliefs, my ideas, my story….. then there is nothing to attack or defend. Simply Being as you are, the light of conscious presence shines on all who come in contact with you. Then the clarity of your own Being spreads from heart to heart, revealing the absolute unity of existence. 

Let’s inquire together how we can be so deeply in love with peace, that all internal conflict dissolves into the silence of Being.


„Ort für Yoga und Meditation“
Ferdinandstraße 4 (am Kranoldmarkt)
12209 Berlin-Lichterfelde

Price:  € 275 Euros

Friday July 8: Open Meeting 7:30pm – 9pm
Saturday and Sunday: Two Meetings each day, 11am – 1pm and 3pm- 5pm


Limited to 30 participants