Your Voice as a True Friend: a Workshop with Priti Coles- EU and AU

May 21, 2022

An interactive, online introductory workshop. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

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Your Voice – for Therapists and True Friends
An interactive introductory workshop with Priti Coles
Saturday May 21, 2022

We can use our voice to coax, soothe, support, tell stories, emphasize, teach, lead and inspire.
We can also use it in a playful way to personally gain more embodiment and aliveness.

As a true friend or therapist, the voice is one of our main tools for mirroring, pacing, exploring sub-modalities and being in rapport.

If you need to speak professionally as a therapist or teacher, leading groups, making podcasts or giving presentations, your voice makes all the difference in how you come across.

In this fun, highly interactive workshop we will play with and explore various aspects of our vocal and physical presence. Attention will be given to:

  • exploring vocal potential –variety, color, tone, pitch, pace and volume
  • speaking and listening skills for rapport, mirroring, pacing
  • getting connected using breath and embodiment exercises
  • keeping the voice fit, flexible and ready with vocal tips and warm-ups
  • being seen and understood – physical presence and vocal clarity – live or online

Your voice, this often-neglected but miraculous instrument can be one of your main assets in so many areas. Most importantly, however, it can be used skillfully as a teacher, therapist or true friend.

Priti Coles is an international voice expert, presence and presentation trainer, opera soloist and actor, owner of Clear Voice Coaching and Leela School MIT – contact:


This is a free online course.


Be prepared to take part in some vocal and physical exercises – so get comfortable, find a space where you can move freely, be clearly seen and make some sounds without feeling inhibited.

Time and Date:

Saturday May 21, 2022:
10am Amsterdam CEST
6pm Sydney AEST
8pm Auckland NZST

This meeting will last 90 minutes – 2 hours, with the last 30 minutes open for Q&A

This workshop is being offered twice in two different time zones.