The Psilocybin Facilitator Program

Sacred Therapeutics with a Quiet Mind and an Open Heart

Welcome to this Oregon-based 10-month psilocybin facilitator program for trauma-informed, skillful and compassionate psilocybin-assisted therapy, designed to prepare you for the State of Oregon’s facilitator

We train highly skilled, ethical and compassionate facilitators to support the heart-to-heart therapeutic use of psilocybin for healing, growth and self-realization, while honoring the cultural heritage and sacred plant wisdom of indigenous people. Through this program, we serve global healing and awakening, and inspire unconditional respect for human dignity, equality and diversity. 

The Leela School is licensed by the Oregon Health Authority and the State of Oregon Higher Education Coordinating Commission (HECC)

Our 2024 cohort is now closed. if you are interested in joining us in 2025 please email Leigh: leigh@leela.org

Full tuition: $9,800*; a payment plan is available
*This price excludes the cost of room and board at the two residential retreats and some of the study books.

Become part of the psychedelic transformation

Support the healing and awakening potential of the sacred plant medicine psilocybin with a quiet mind and an open heart

Psilocybin's Immense Healing Potential

and power to elicit non-ordinary states of consciousness have been known, revered and used by Indigenous cultures in Mesoamerica for centuries. The origins of its ritual and therapeutic use can be traced to the Mazatec people of the mountains of Oaxaca, from where the sacred plant wisdom spread to the rest of the world in the 1950s. Despite its promising therapeutic properties, the active compound in “magic mushrooms” was banned for research purposes and its use was deemed illegal as part of the 1970s war on drugs.

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Things are changing - sacred medicine is being embraced by Western science

Clinical trials made a steady return in the early 21st century with promising results for the treatment of depression, anxiety, PTSD, addiction and end of life care, starting a psychedelic therapeutic rediscovery. As a result, the Food and Drug Administration designated psilocybin a “breakthrough therapy” in 2018. Leading specialists refer to it as the “therapy of the future”.

"Based on the worldview of Mazatec peoples, mushrooms should not be considered a drug or psychoactive substance, but rather sacred beings or entities with whom reciprocal relationships are established."

Osiris Sinuhé González Romero, Ph.D

Be part of this transformation

We are on the precipice of a quantum leap in mental health, an expansion of human consciousness and a quickened global awakening. If you feel the call to be part of this shift, we invite you to serve the re-awakening of ancient wisdom with integrity and care. As modern people in sacred partnership, our intention is to honor the roots of this medicine, the people and the land that has brought it to us. Our vision is to work with psilocybin, not only for therapeutic benefits, but also to support the possibility of transcendence beyond personal identity.

Our Program

Our 10-month 200-hour Leela psilocybin facilitator program is heart-based, embodied and deeply experiential. It takes place online and in 2 in-person residential retreats. It prepares you for the State of Oregon licensure by uniquely combining:

  • A focus on integrity and depth of rapport of heart-to-heart therapeutic work
  • The support and safety of trauma-informed skills for deep healing 
  • Decades of experience in guiding expanded states of consciousness with hypnotherapeutic trance and plant medicine
  • A unique emphasis on transcendence and its radically transformative potential both individually and globally. 

10 months, 200 hours

9 hybrid modules

46 people cohort

2 residential retreats

You will receive...

  • The foundation of being a True Friend - meeting yourself and others with a quiet mind and an open heart, in deep rapport
  • The trauma-informed skills to guide clients through an effective preparation, a safe and healing journey, and an embodied integration for lasting changes
  • Compassionate and highly experienced support for your own healing and self-realization - we believe that you can lovingly hold others only as deeply as you’ve known yourself.
  • The practical experience, competence and confidence to meet clients at all 3 levels of plant medicine work: symptom removal, trauma healing and transcendence
  • The opportunity to learn from an established, experienced and diverse set of trainers, medicine people and spiritual teachers
  • The joy to learn and practice together in a supportive global community.

We welcome you here.

This program is for you if you...

  • Have interest in plant medicine and/or have experienced its healing potential first hand
  • Would like to incorporate this powerful work in your existing therapeutic, teaching, coaching or facilitator offering in a licensed, safe and loving way
  • Understand the depth of this work and feel the need to embody it fully before supporting others
  • Wish to develop the therapeutic and somatic skills to safely navigate trauma
  • Honor indigenous traditions and want to learn from their centuries-old wisdom
  • Want to practice in a collaborative community 

psilocybin facilitator program

Meet our team

Our instructors come from a variety of fields including psychology, medicine, education, public service and human rights. They exhibit a maturity of character, depth of being and mastery of the skills needed to support students and clients in deep healing and personal development.

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Casey Frieder, Leela School Mentor
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Meet us

Book a free 20min introductory conversation with one of our mentors.

Under the "cap"

In addition to our comprehensive curriculum, you will be supported to deepen your self-realisation and skills via 4 meetings in small pod groups and  10 pod-group meetings focused on the enneagram.

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Join us in January 2024

About the Leela School

The Leela School is a world wide, non-profit foundation that traditionally offers a 2-year Leela Practitioner training, accredited by the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners. We offer mentoring and retreats for spiritual awakening; we train therapists, coaches and guides to support their clients in self-discovery. We teach the skillful means for healing psychological and emotional wounds from the ground of a silent mind and an open heart. We embody non-dual realization in the service of awakening.




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