The True Friend weekend did me a lot of good because I felt very safe, protected and seen in the space opened there.

The beautifully sequenced partner exercises were fun. Their exploratory nature made me experience the quality of my habitual responses to the outside world. Openly being there in the attitude of the True Friend, was an unexpected inner discovery of great value. It showed me how purposefully and directly I can dive into the depth of being and how much more truth the experience the True Friend holds. …

In the partner exercises I enjoyed being still and present in listening. The certainty broke through that any “just listening” and “not having to react to it” is so powerful because it is simple … I had probably often underestimated that presence is fully sufficient, that my being is sufficient, that pure presence is richness in itself. Being openly present reveals itself as a treasure that unfolds its power because it is unclouded by opinion, reaction, vulnerability. The contact to the other person is then direct, from person to person as a unity. Love, independent of personal preference.

This way of being a True Friend not only works in a safe seminar room, but has already been tested in everyday life and applied to challenging situations. Standing by myself in difficult situations, not abandoning myself is comforting and strengthens my confidence in challenging times.

The participation in this weekend was very special for me, in many ways. What I took with me is:

– a change in my listening attitude. In my work, I now have a much clearer attitude. I have arrived at myself. I no longer have to ask myself: How am I looking right now, when do I give which impulse, what exactly is to be done? I just listen, feel my space getting bigger, feel very comfortable in the role, and then speak to my trainees in a collected and heartfelt way.

– Improvement in looking into the eyes. This is actually easier now; the exercise has changed a lot in me.

– A joy in returning to my own inner space again and again. It feels very big now, I always have the possibility of retreat within all the hustle and bustle around me, that just feels good.

– A positive emptiness inside me. No more sad empty feeling like before, but vastness, stillness, awareness … I can feel the emptiness as a resource now.