Dear Eli, Jared, Leesa and Stevie,

I want to thank you from every cell in my being for creating such a profound course where I can feel so lovingly supported to journey into the absolute unknown of living through love. Not a manufactured love through the limitations of thought but a gob smacking love that leaves one speechless in a life-long surrender.

I want to thank you for arranging Caroline Wiedemann as my mentor. I was so scared to work with her at first because I couldn’t imagine that I could trust her as much as Jared. I was scared to be vulnerable,  to feel unsafe.

She has been faultless in her loving support, her perfect timing in asking the right question in exactly the right time to guide me into journeying into surrendering into the unknown. A magnificent Woman, dauntless, brave, courageous and egoless to guide me to die to my own identity.

How unique an experience that someone I didn’t even know only 4 weeks before, who lives on the other side of the world, can create a profound healing, transformation, and transcendence through 4 sessions on zoom.

I am often brought to tears of gratitude for finally finding a teacher who can help me to stop, but it is not just one teacher, it is not only Eli, not only Jared, Leesa and Stevie but Caroline also. So many magnificent souls who can help us as a species to evolve. I feel so blessed for you all. So much gratitude to dispel my own ignorance, to open my heart so fully to love that I could allow it to live through me.

Much love and gratitude.

Rebecca Geach

Blue Mountains