I just finished the Module 1 of the school and I want to share with you what is happening inside. I can’t find words, how big the shift is! This isn’t nothing less than a paradigm change! I worked with clients as a psychotherapist before, but I did it from a totally different view. I didn’t mirror back what the clients are telling me … That makes such a big difference!!

Now, it feels like everything changed. I knew silence before, but when I worked with people, right away I get involved in trance, believing the whole thing as real. With your work – and this is completely new – the believing in the trance is getting destroyed piece by piece.

I also knew the Enneagram before, but I didn’t know, how important it is, stopping the movements. I have a 6 Fixation and now I can see, how often (it feels like the whole life), I am moving away from myself! Now that it is seen, I can’t act it out as before! It feels really, that a big layer of identification has fallen away. And I also want to express how much love I have received from all of your mentors and Jared and Lisa.

Full gratitude for your precious gift.