The Leela School Confidentiality Agreement

Below you can read the Leela School Confidentiality Agreement, every Leela School employee, volunteer and student has to commit to this agreement.

It is the mission of the Leela School to enhance the quality of life in the world by evoking self-realization in leaders, therapists, coaches, healers and teachers. True Friends awaken, along with their clients, to a living transmission of silence that ends all misidentification. are the living possibility that gets passed on from heart to heart.

When mistaken identity stops, the direct realization of one’s true nature is possible beyond thought, concept, or doubt. With the support of a True Friend, society may attain true self-knowledge, freedom, and peace, which inform unconditional respect for human dignity and diversity.

Core Values

The Leela School is an educational and professional organization, whose members and graduates serve, in various settings and capacities. They share, at the core, professional and ethical values that honor the sacredness of their relationships. These core values include: supporting the right to control one’s life; avoiding actions that cause harm or servility; fostering the well-being of the individual and society by facilitating the realization of one’s true nature; treating all individuals justly and fairly, with empathy and grace; dealing truthfully and honorably with people; fulfilling one’s responsibility of trust in professional, mentoring and personal relationships with fidelity.

True Friend

The role of the True Friend requires the willingness and the capacity to listen, to see and to feel what is in front of you, without getting involved in the story. One way of getting involved in the story is to later repeat it to someone else. This is a disservice and a breach of trust. Confidentiality is an ESSENTIAL aspect of a therapeutic relationship.

It is important that what you hear, see or otherwise witness during a session is not repeated to anyone other than your professional mentor, as necessary for your professional development. While there may be circumstances that are exceptions to the rule (such as health and safety), the general rule that applies in most situations is that whatever is said in a session stays in that context and is nobody else’s business. It is important to realize for yourself why this is essential, rather than merely accepting the rule without understanding it.

The same applies when someone is sharing with the group during one of our retreats or during any other gathering that has a sacred purpose. Everyone who is listening to the person sharing is in the role of therapist or true friend. We need to agree that whatever is shared, stays in the room.

The same applies when you watch a video of a session or interview that someone has allowed us all to see and benefit from. We need to agree that the personal content on the video is not to be repeated to anyone else, including the person on the video who shared it.

Whether or not you are a therapist, the capacity to keep confidentiality is one of the qualities that make you a trustworthy listener. Please take some time to consider these agreements, and to give this whatever attention it merits for you.