What is Satsang?


Papaji: “Sat” means Truth in Sanskrit. “Sanga” means “to associate with”. So the best association is to associate with the Truth. Association with the Truth is what satsang is. So you may be anywhere in the world and you may be alone, or with other people. Unfortunately, the word “satsang” has been misinterpreted and misunderstood. People think that it implies some form of gathering with many people, but I don’t believe in this.

I never wanted to remain in one place. If this hall had not been built, I would have not stayed here. At the moment I live in my son’s house. Three or four years ago, I travelled to the West, going from door to door, and had small meetings with people. Even before that I was staying in the Himalaya. I would only come to Lucknow several times a year to visit my wife and children. I had no intention to stay on in Lucknow, but due to heath problems and bad legs I have been here for continuously for the last two years. So these meetings have slowly developed. Several times I have attempted to go away, but again I am here. So this is my karma now. I can’t leave them.

Satsang is staying with the Truth, or staying with a being who has seen and experienced the Truth for himself. Stay with that person, because otherwise how would know what the Truth is? Truth is within you, and staying with the Truth within you is called “satsang”. Within the Heart cavity there is an Emptiness and within It there is a flame which will show you the way of Truth.

Devotee: What happens in satsang? What really happens to people when they come to satsang?

Papaji: In satsang I see that something is happening to them. I respect them all. They have come from far away countries.From past lives they have gained merits and have accumulated desires and longings. Therefore, to fulfil those desires, they have been born in a place where they can fulfil those desires in whichever country it may be. The same Truth which was previously hidden within is now compelling them to go and seek out that Truth. So, they have come here and I respect them. I cannot run away from them.

Eli Jaxon-Bear about Satsang