An Open Meeting with Jared (Online)

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An Online Open Meeting with Jared
Saturday May 18th, 2024
This meeting will take place on Zoom.

You are invited to this Open Meeting with Jared, where you will receive direct support to turn your attention inwards to find who you are. With the possibility to ask questions directly to Jared, and observe others sharing their questions and insights, there is a deepening clarity snd surrender into the heart when we gather in these meetings.
It’s possible to wake up from the illusion of separation, and discover fulfillment and love as the ground of Being, deeper than any story. 

Jared is a teacher and mentor of the Leela School of Awakening. His invitation is to stop, and wake up from the trance of who you think you are.

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Sydney, AEST Time:
Saturday May 18th at 10am

Auckland, NZST Time:
Saturday May 18th at 12pm

US Pacific (PDT):
Friday May 17th at 5pm