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Welcome to our one-year 160-hour program of deep self-discovery for those who feel the call to end their personal suffering and fully awaken to their True Nature.

During this year you will

  • Discover what it means to be a True Friend - meeting yourself and the world with a quiet mind,  open heart and not taking anything personally
  • Discover your essential desire, deeper than egoic needs and avoidances
  • Investigate strategies of self - betrayal and see habitual and often unconscious movements of mind
  • Receive direct & compassionate support to see through your egoic structure and heal the wounds at the core of it to awaken to your True Nature
  • Strengthen your resolve to stay true and ignite the fire of self-realization
  • If you feel the call to serve others, you will have the possibility to continue your studies and become a certified Leela Facilitator. Learn more...

Price: $3500 or a payment plan of $310/month

Price: $950

Leela Depth Immersion

is a 1-year program for those who feel called to dive into the depths of their own self-discovery and awaken to their true radiant nature, beyond conditioned beliefs and personal identification. It is our mission to enhance the quality of life in the world by transmitting the possibility of self-realization to all beings who are willing and ready to hear this call.

The Leela Depth Immersion uniquely combines both therapeutic approaches (for healing and ego strengthening) and satsang for self-inquiry and ego transcendence. 

Eli, Lisa and Jared

In this powerful and intimate container, you will receive...

  • The transmission of Silence, which was passed down this lineage from Ramana Maharshi, through Papaji to Eli.
  • The support for deep self-inquiry, using the wisdom-mirror of the Enneagram of Liberation - a revolutionary new model of ego and transcendence
  • The Leela School’s therapeutic mastery skills for heart based interventions to end egoic suffering

The program is heart-based and entirely experiential. It is founded on the principle of being a True Friend, which simply but powerfully means meeting yourself and the world with a silent mind and an open heart. A True Friend is a wisdom mirror - it adds nothing, it removes nothing, it takes nothing personally. 

First and foremost, being a True Friend to yourself, you will discover the difference between the stillness of the heart and the habitual and conditioned movements of the mind. Then, you have a choice - to stay true to your heart and let it live your life in harmony and fulfillment or to follow the insatiable and, up to now largely unconscious, desires and aversions of the mind.

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This program is for you if you...

  • Have explored different healing modalities, sacred substances, spiritual paths but some residual suffering remains unresolved
  • Hear the call to discover your True Nature deeper than your ego
  • Are willing to look through your egoic patterns and beliefs, to expose all the ways in which you betray yourself
  • Are ready to end your personal suffering and be free.

Join us in 2024

Leela Depth Immersion

Sign up for the full 1-year Leela Depth Immersion. $3500 or $310/month

part 1: Awaken to your True Nature

Sign up for our Part I 7-day Awakening Retreat and discover our work. $950

Our Program in Greater Detail

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Part I: Awaken to your true nature

What do you really want your life to serve? This 7-day 40-hour online and in-person awakening retreat with Eli Jaxon-Bear, Leela School teachers and mentors invites you to hear the call of the heart for something deeper than survival. Part I is also available as a stand-alone retreat.  Stand-alone value: $950.

Pre-requisites: none

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part II: Ego and True Self

Discover who you are not. Then the true you shines naturally. Discover the potential of the Enneagram of Liberation as a wisdom mirror for self-discovery, insight and awakening through this 11-week 40-hour online course with teacher and author Eli Jaxon-Bear & Leela School teachers and mentors. Part II is also available as a stand-alone course. Stand-alone value: $1250

Pre-requisites: none

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part III: Deepen into your True Self

It is possible to live a life of freedom and integrity. Deepen your realisation and embody it in the world through this 7-day 40-hour in-person and online retreat with Leela School teachers Eli Jaxon-Bear, Lisa Schumacher and Jared Franks, supported by our mentors. Stand-alone value: $870

Prerequisites: having attended Part 1 and 2.

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part IV: Your personal and direct support

This part takes place online in the form of 10 one-on-one private mentoring sessions and approximately 10 hours of community gatherings and group support. Stand-alone value: $1050 - $1360

Prerequisites: having attended part 1.


part V: A Meeting in Truth

This part takes place online in the form of 12 Leela Saturdays - Satsang with Eli. Stand-alone value: $230

Prerequisites: none

Join us in 2024

Leela Depth Immersion

Sign up for the full 1-year Leela Depth Immersion. $3500 or $310/month

part 1: Awaken to your True Nature

Sign up for our Part I 7-day Awakening Retreat and discover our work. $950

Our method

The True Friend Method (TFM)™

All our work is grounded in the principle of being a True Friend, which means meeting ourselves and the world with a quiet mind, an open heart, and not taking anything personally. The skillful means to support healing and self-discovery in our clients arise from this solid and transformative ground. Learn more...

Free 3-part Introduction to the True Friend Method

Eli Jaxon-Bear and the Leela School Teachers present the foundation of the True Friend Method in this free 3-part course -  a glimpse into the possibility of a happy, free and fulfilled life.

Still unsure that this program is for you? Get in touch.

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