Leela School Videos

Webcast: Ego or True Self: How do we know the difference?
Webcast: Ending the Superego's Power of Enslavement
Webcast: Do Animal Drives Fuel Your Life or Direct it?
Webcast: Freedom and Skillful Means: Living a Life of Love and Service
Webcast: Theme - Money, Survival and Integrity
A Beautiful Report From a Brand New Student of The Leela School
Webcast: What Do You Really Want? Craving Versus Fulfillment
Webcast: The Present Condition: How To Find Out What's Really Going on
Webcast: Happiness. Where Are You Looking For It?
Webcast: The Movements of Mind and the Discovery of Freedom
Webcast with Lisa and Jared: The Role of a True Friend
The Leela School
The Wave and the Ocean
Recognizing and Working with Trauma
A 7 Minute Guided Meditation
Man Who Can't Go Into Trance
A Message of Deep Peace
I Work So Hard to Find Out How To Be Effortless
Language and the Enneagram
Online Enneagram Livestream with Eli
Empty, Boundless and Free
What Do You Do With Nothing?
That's The End of the Story
Papaji's Gift of Silence
Live-Streamed Public Meeting with Eli
Waking Up From the Ignorance of Control
A Report of Freedom
Live-Streamed Public Meeting with Eli
Wake Up and Be Free
The Sacred Shattering
Spiritual Traps Part 1: The Trap of I'm Awake
Spiritual Traps Part 2: The Trap of I'm Not Awake
Spiritual Traps Part 3: Settling For Good Enough
Webinar with Stevie and Laura: Guidelines and Hints for Starting a Private Practice
Webcast with Lisa and Jared: Skillful Communication for Authentic Relationships
Webcast with Lisa and Jared: Meeting the Unknown
Eli Jaxon-Bear: The Razor's Edge of Fun
Eli Jaxon-Bear: The Student/Teacher Relationship
Eli Jaxon-Bear: Standing For Truth
Losing the Concept of Enlightenment
A Raindrop in the Ocean: A Guided Meditation
The Possibility Is To Rise Up In Freedom
The Inevitability of Trauma and the Possibility of Transcendence
The Possibility of True Relationship
The Enneagram: Beyond the Genetic Drive of Survival
Wisdom of Trauma: Conversation and Deepening
Eli Jaxon-Bear:
True Freedom
Eli Jaxon-Bear:
Getting what you want
In Opening to Self Hatred, I Discovered Freedom: A Student's Report
The End of Running: Discovering Your Natural Self
Psychedelic Enlightenment: Part 1
Freedom and Surrender: Celebrating the End of Suffering
Eli Jaxon-Bear: Staying True in the Face of Everything
Enneagram of liberation: a discovery of love and freedom
On Stupidity and
Trap of Ego According to Shakespeare: The Escape Hatch to Freedom
Survival, Sex and Relationship: Escaping the 3 Nets to Freedom
Love, Discipline and Integrity
Despair and Helplessness: The Mysterious Gateways to Happiness