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Bonny Koeber M.D.

Bonny worked for 35 years as an Anesthesiologist in Texas. She spent several of these years using Ketamine in studies she designed and initiated, to work with patients suffering with Major Depression. She retired from medicine in 2019 and moved to Oregon in 2020. Her training for her facilitation license was with The Leela School of Awakening Psilocybin Facilitation Program where she continues as an instructor and the director of health and safety.

Bonny’s interest in altered states of consciousness goes back over twenty years. She has experienced and held space for ayahuasca, peyote, LSD, and psilocybin. Bonny’s primary goal is always safety of her clients in this sacred space held with love, empathy, experience, and maturity. Her secondary goal is to embrace social equity offering reduced pricing for veterans, BIPOC, and those with limited financial means.

Bonny was also in the USAR for twelve years and was honorably discharged as a major in 1999. She has a passion in offering her services to Veterans which she offers at a reduced facilitation charge of $500.

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