Johannes von Gwinner, Leela School Mentor

Johannes von Gwinner

After many years of attending beautiful groups and retreats with Eli and Gangaji since 1999, I am so deeply grateful to Eli for making the Leela School available in this form.

The School is the home for my development and awakening on a deeper level. Here, in order to be a True Friend and to learn to be there for others, I have to deeply understand and realize what is my true nature and how I can move away from it. This is my experience of Papaji's teaching: “Let both client and therapist wake up”.

To be in service for this is a source of pure love and joy for me.

I live in Berlin and can meet you in my practice or via Skype or Zoom online for Leela-Therapy sessions,  languages are German and English.

For appointments, please contact me via mail: office@johannes-gwinner.com
to book a session online and more information go to:

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Berlin, Germany

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