Maeve Jones

I'm a yoga instructor and True Friend therapist living in Whistler, Canada. I believe you have all the answers and resources you need within you, and I’m here to support you seeing them for yourself.

Together we can reveal how ‘not knowing the way forward’ may be the doorway into discovering something new -- something that’s been here all along that you haven’t yet seen. I’m here to help you meet what's here, then discover what you really want, and finally to turn your attention towards that. Through 'not knowing,' may you discover the light of being yourself and of being free, with every part of you and every experience included and welcome.

In listening sessions with me, we use simple discussion to help you untangle patterns and triggers, then hypnotherapy techniques to help you discover your own internal source of wisdom and healing.

Hypnotherapy works by inviting you beneath the surface. In deep relaxation, you may see what’s underneath your experience, and reveal a more essential awareness. From the depths of yourself, you can discover both the roots of patterns and also a loving wellspring of resources to resolve them directly.

It’s all right here in you, and by accessing your own subconscious roots, you have an opportunity to show up for yourself and heal. Now, finally, you can resolve long-held unconscious patterns at their source – with Love. And because this approach works unconsciously, its impact may reach far beyond the original trigger into other aspects of your life, too.

So, are you ready to connect with what you really want? If you are, let’s meet.

My role as your therapist is to be a True Friend. That means I meet you with an open heart and a quiet mind. In order to best support you, I am internally-silent and I have no agenda about how things will go. That’s why I don’t offer any “advice” or “coaching;” because I am deeply here for you.

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Whistler, Whistler Resort Municipality, Squamish-Lillooet Regional District, British Columbia, 8E 0X5, Canada

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