Margot Gedert, Leela School Mentor

Margot Gedert

After many years of searching, through sheer grace I found my teacher Gangaji in the late 90's who pointed clearly to what is deeper and more trustworthy than the circumstances of life, what is always at peace.  Through Gangaji, I met Eli and discovered the Leela School in 2018.

The skillful means offered through Eli and the teachers - Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP, and the Enneagram of Character Fixation - have changed my life. As a True Friend to myself and the world,  I experience an expanded capacity from the ground of Presence to meet whatever arises – thoughts, emotions, physical and circumstantial challenges – and be free of the trance of suffering.

I have worked with Native American youth for many years as a Prevention Educator with a focus on trauma and resiliency. I am grateful to bring Eli's teaching to the children, their families and community, and experience the love and peace that are uncovered naturally.

I am here in service to support you in uncovering that love and peace.  It is available right now.

I am available for online individual and group sessions. You can reach me at www.margotlynngedert.com or www.firewoodartstudio.com.

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