Stevie Leppard

I have been so blessed in the course of my journey, from unconscious suffering to true happiness, to have been so fully supported by my dear teachers, Gangaji and Eli, that to be able to help others in this discovery is such an honour.

As a mentor with the Leela School of Awakening, I'm available to meet with anyone drawn to this path. I meet you as a True Friend, with no agenda, and with no desire to fix or heal you, but merely to meet you where you are, and to gently point your attention towards your ever-present true nature, and to confirm that you already are that. Sometimes there can be meetings to look at addictions or trauma, and sometimes hypnosis and the Enneagram may be used, but generally, each meeting is fresh and unknown, and in my experience playful and joyful. I look forward to meeting with you.

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Surrey Hills, Australia

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