Sylvia Hiemstra, Leela School Mentor

Sylvia Hiemstra

Since my teenage years I have been preoccupied with the theme of "Who am I?“

Although things changed over the years, the question "Who am I really?" remained unanswered. I searched for answers in the outer reality, trying out and letting go many things, only to reach for something new again.

Finally, in 2016 on a retreat in Baden Baden, I met Eli and Gangaji and this lead me to the Leela School in Amsterdam. It simply changed my life!

I received and experienced the gift of Eli’s teaching of being a True Friend for the world - guided by the love of a quiet mind and an open heart.

With the support of Eli and the teachers, I learned the skills of Hypnotherapy and NLP and studied the wisdom of the Enneagram. This opened the possibility to become still and discover my true self.

In staying true to that, I am happy to be in service as a Mentor of the Leela School.

You can contact me online or meet me in Berlin/Germany.

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Berlin, Germany

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