Leela School All-Student Meeting with Eli

This is an All-School Meeting only for current Leela School Students.  Please CLICK HERE to register.



All-School Meeting with Eli
The Trap of Hierarchy and Spiritual Materialism

We invite all current Leela School Students to please attend this online meeting with Eli addressing the challenges and changes coming the next year.

This meeting will be approximately 45 minutes long.  Directly after the meeting we invite everyone to attend Eli’s Leela Saturday meeting that is normally for members only.

Date and Time:
US PST Saturday February 12th: 12:15pm
US EST Saturday February 12th: 3:15pm
Amsterdam CET Saturday February 12th: 9:15pm
Sydney, AEDT Sunday February 13th: 7:15am
Auckland NZDT Sunday February 13th: 9:15am

Register Here: CLICK HERE

This meeting is for Leela School students only.